20 October 2023

Put your trust in women with Tshepa Basadi

THABILE NKOMO – Tshepa Basadi co-founder and MD

Thabile Nkomo is an enthusiastic advocate for gender equality and an accomplished professional in the fields of engineering and project management. As co-founder and an executive director at project management and technical services consulting company Tshepa Basadi, her authentic leadership has been a driving force in the success of this black women-owned and led organisation that has become a formidable service provider in the mining industry. 

The mining sector is an industry driving economic growth and technological advancements. However, beneath the surface lies a persistent issue that requires urgent attention: gender disparities.

“As a director of a 100% female-owned technical business, servicing a male-dominated industry, it is crucial that we embody boldness, courage and a will to be agents of change. If the success of Tshepa Basadi inspires just one woman to resiliently push through discriminative barriers in their quest for success, then our goal of leaving an indelible mark in this industry would have been achieved.” 

As we continue to push for gender parity, let us remember that diversity not only strengthens our workforce but drives innovation and enhances productivity. It is through our uniqueness, that we add the most value.

Nkomo is a professionally registered project manager with the Project Management Institute and holds a BSc in Metallurgical Engineering. She is a member of the Institute of Directors of South Africa and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

Thabile Nkomo Tshepa Basadi co-founder and MD


MBALI MILANZI – Tshepa Basadi co-founder, commercial and business development director

Tshepa Basadi co-founder and executive director Mbali Milanzi is a passionate advocate for women’s rights in the workplace. Tshepa Basadi is a 100% black women-owned engineering and project management consulting firm founded in 2017 and servicing the mining industry. 

“Our tenacity, resilience and courage as female business owners has seen Tshepa Basadi grow sustainably over the past six years, now categorised as a generic company with over 60 employees.” 

Milanzi’s visionary leadership has been instrumental in driving business success and setting an example of the formidable force that women can be.

“In the traditionally male-dominated mining industry, we have witnessed an inspiring transformation over the years, as women continue to break barriers and carve a path towards empowerment and equality. As an executive director of Tshepa Basadi, I take immense pride in the strides made towards women empowerment, while appreciating that there is a lot more to be done.”

Tshepa Basadi was born out of a vision of cementing the presence of strong female leadership in business and in the mining industry. Through mentorship programmes and networking opportunities, we have nurtured a strong community of women who support and uplift each other. 

“Collaboratively as women, we can engender much needed change in the mining industry.”

Milanzi is a professionally registered project manager with the Project Management Institute and holds an MSc in Project Management, a BSc in Chemical Engineering and is a member of the Institute of Directors of South Africa.

Mbali Milanzi Tshepa Basadi co-founder, commercial and business development director

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